Will there ever be a XBox One X patch for the start problems?

It's now a very long time gone since release and there are still the problems with starting the game on an XBox One X (and no, the troubleshooting advises are no fix or patch…..and also didn't work for everyone).
I can't play this game since the release date.

Will there ever be a fix or is my money gone?

Thank you for your report. This problem is known. Our team is working on it. Are you playing with the 4K activated ?

Please, answer my question. It is very important issue for me - and for many other people, as I may see from reviews.


Still no patch for XBox One X start issues (29.11.2019)….

This is no way to handle paying customers. Last game i bought from Spiders.

Hello guys 😄

Would you mind sharing more info about your set up to us so that we can picture the issue more easily? We released a little guide a few weeks ago.
Did you update the whole system recently? Did you download the recent update? What version of the console do you guys have? X, S?
Would you also mind telling us if what's the setting of your console (HDR? 4K?) and on what setting is also set your tv?

Please, keep us updated and feel free to @ me on the forum.
Have a great one!