Hey GF team just wanted to thank you guys for a great game. I truly enjoyed and was excited playing the game. Here's some of my final thoughts gameplay wise

First if there's a followup to GF, I'd love to see a dedicated gunner class(Mounted bayonets please) as I used mine a ton and it woulda been really fun to expand on that idea with a whole set of moves designed around shooting and evading. Tech skills like bomb and alchemic vials were fun but I'd love to see that go even further also. The bomb attack animation was pretty cool. Another thing I enjoyed was the quests., in other games I feel like you go into a town and come out with dozens of side missions that you just don't care about. The quests in GF felt meaningful and enough to keep me interested and wanting to learn about the world, I didn't skip a single one except for finding a journal page(sorry I found a few and looked up the locations for the rest). Companions were great by the end I was sad to see all my buddies go. In particular I felt like Petrus had some really good moments as did Vasco. Melee combat was solid but i just wanted more moves to do. I'd love to see the parry system expanded upon as well. Storywise i enjoyed in mostly, I really was torn at the end for my decision as I agreed with what C said, while his turn felt a little rushed in my opinion I at least understood his motivations. He didn't feel like a generic villain.

All in all i loved the game, I'd love to see a GF2. I really like the world you built. I think i just wanted more combat skills and maybe a few more weapons but I'm super pleased with this game and really loved it for its story and setting. I've never given Mars War Logs or Technomancer a shot and I think I'm gonna do that now since Mars is backwards compatible on XB1.

GF.jpg Thanks a bunch Spiders!