Skip intro logos

The intro's are incredibly loud (same for default music volumen level), and I wa wondering if there's a way to disable this via a launch argument, etc?

I really wouldn't mind the intro's if they were played at a 50% volume, same for in-game music which prevents voice chat, unless you have attenuation in your VOIP client.

I wish every game had an option like this:

Disable ALL Login / Startup Animations, Logos, Etc = YES

I'd do that in every single game. I don't want to see it. If you need something to cover load times, have some game screenshots with some tips in text at the bottom.

@lt_delay Yeah, I've done that, but it's a hack, not a genuine way to do this. Besides, it'll likely come back with every update as Steam is verifying games on the fly as part of the update process.

A simple game launch param, or an option --nointro would suffice.