October Community Update

@justinlynch3 No I think it's more than just the fog. With the Russian-style MR maps I actually have the need to switch to a more saturated preset on my monitor, which fixes the issue for me. I'd prefer to not have to make the switch.

Awesome update, love every bit! 😃
Especially the bit about these huge interconnected maps!
One question though: Who placed all those pumpkins on the field, and why? 😮
They've all been ripped from their plant!

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Breathtaking and exactly what i wanted from it, graphics and overall color palette on those maps look excellent i think, its nice to see kamaz is making a return and always thought saddle music would fit this game, well.. what better way to go than great blues

Proper, proper community update! Way to go focus

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All aboard the hype train!

*trailer 😜

@Unster I don't feel like it's over-saturated. Probably you mean the reddish trees, but I've seen places like this in Montana, USA
alt text

In the other hand, here we can see more like a greenish look
alt text which is cool.

It seems the collection of maps per area are kinda season based, wintery Alaska, Michigan fall, and Russia I assume summer/spring

@deathcoreboy1 damn, montana really looks like that. Great representation of wilderness

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@justinlynch3 Bridge building is fun and for those on a PC it's available in various mod maps in MR. It's good that it's coming to the console folks too.

Regarding the fuel capacity, we'll have to wait and see how bad it is. I also hope they keep the specs realistically proportional, and not artificially change some trucks in favor of others.

True. For all we know 350L can go a lot further in SnowRunner then in MudRunner. We don't know how fuel consumption in SnowRunner works. I just don't want a situation where a truck like this still burns 42L per minute, but now we only have 350L to work with.

@justinlynch3 The issue is that the Western Star has 600L compared to only 340 in the other 4 axle vehicle. That suggests that they are using fuel tank size as a balancing factor for vehicles with AWD, which is weird.

@ManfredE3 well vehicle upgrade and customization is a thing. Hopefully we can upgrade the tank to hold more fuel.

@deathcoreboy1 You may be right, though that picture could also be a little over-saturated. I was saying what I was saying mainly based on my experience with AW where I always felt there's a bit too much color, kind of giving it a fairy-tale look, and SR looks in every way to be an expansion of AW, including the heavy use of paved roads, which is a separate matter. Hopefully the devs get the road physics right this time. In MR it's unrealistically difficult to keep a smaller truck on the road. Heavier trucks are OK, except for the excessive wheel spin.

@Unster Found this a while ago written by pavel..

"- stability at high speed
This is the reason Havok uses raycast/linearcast vehicles; rigid bodies dont get simulated correctly when they are moving fast, and if vehicle wheels dont get simulated correctly, vehicle dynamics breaks up completely. Unfortunately, thats what happens in SpinTires - so I limited cap speed for vehicles.
Possible solution would be to gradually reduce the radius of the wheel when it starts moving fast (either linear of angular velocity) - and compute the forces applied to chassis on your own (reimplementing parts of Havok raycast Havok vehicle)."


@deathcoreboy1 Yes, I've read something along those lines on the Oovee forum recently, but it doesn't make sense, since it's the smaller wheels / lighter vehicles that get unstable at higher speeds. And ST has somewhat better traction on pavement than MR, though I haven't tested an AW style map in ST with a light & fast vehicle. Anyway, the point is if SR is going to be like AW and feature a lot of road driving, the devs better get it right this time. Come to think of it, we've seen very little mud-running footage from SR.

Great to see a proper update for once! I am excited but also apprehensive. The potential for modding and tinkering is huge, but I'm worried it won't be as accessible as ST/MR. I've easily spent more time editing xmls and textures etc than I have actually playing the game, so hopefully we'll still be able to edit ourselves without having to wait and hope that someone builds an OpenIV style 'SRMod'

The tunnel system immediately made me think of Postal 2 😂

@deathcoreboy1 Jokes aside. The tunnel system is probably due to an engine limitation. Instead of making a huge map, they had to divide it in smaller ones and the tunnel system is what they came up with to make them feel like one big map. I'm OK with it

The tunnel system connecting maps was an idea proposed by someone on this forum about a year ago. Can't remember who it was, but a great idea and props to the developers for listening.

I like the bridge building thing, its awesome, it makes sense for the game. "i have to make a delivery of logs to point B, oh there is a broken bridge that i need to fix before i can reach point B". I hope you have a lot more like this in the game 😃 I can see how we have to clear the land slide.

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It seems that the lights have not been improved.. like GTA LED lights. It is so cool.
So I can catch illegal loggers.🚓 28d8d643ad4bd1139ca391fe5fafa40f4afb0559.jpg