October Community Update

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found this alternative screen-cap on some russian site with slightly different color theme and angle, also little high res screenshots of this presentation check it out


wow look at that

alt text

banner with western star 6900 twin steer

I'm excited to see what this months update will be

@Sodoma said in October Community Update:

We already been here 😎

@zamal said in October Community Update:

mudrunner 2025, them graphics oh 😍

Who cares about graphics, I hear real engine&gearbox there!!

Do not worry, we do not expect you to create the new Microsoft Flight Simulator of Off-road simulators 😅

@zamal Nice find!! I'd like to know why are these things not shared here by focus staff.

@deathcoreboy1 Probably because the alternate screenshot is so similar to the one they did post, so they didn't bother. I don't have a problem with that.

@Unster Yeah, I get that one, but the different banner and the higher resolution screenshots are something, right?

Logged on for the November update. Disappointed.

@Ktaco said in October Community Update:

Logged on for the November update. Disappointed.

Well November doesn't end until the 30th. They have until Saturday.

probably tomorrow evening or day after, last one was thursday so...

@zamal said in October Community Update:

probably tomorrow evening or day after, last one was thursday so...

Ahh for some reason I thought they were doing the last Tuesday of every month.

yeah, its pretty random.

hope they upload high res pictures tho, i just love looking at them for 10 minutes straight, deciphering every single detail🕵🏻

A great black Friday deal. A November update if thats ok XD

@zamal I love that there are people out there, that solve this for me and then let me know about they finds 😃

@Sodoma im at your service, sir LOL

@Sodoma fr sometimes people see things that I would never realize was there, makes me feel like I missed alot of interesting stuff in the olllllddd games

Tell me about it....
When I played Vampire masquerade, The Bloodlines for a very first time (my 1st RPG ever) I missed like 2/3 of the whole game! No sidequests, nothing, just main quests pointing at each other and bang, end credits...

-Why the hell are people talking about this game?
-How you liked that and that and how you solved that...?


@Sodoma haha yep. I just wish games were made like they used to be. Complete with no dlc tons of stuff to do. Except for mudrunner, I really appreciate that they are doing free dlc besides AW but these people gettin greedy. Even sports games do it now it's b.s.