Vampyr Nintendo Switch

I am playing the Nintendo switch version now and the dialogue repeats itself or cuts off early and the game lags a lot at pembrook hospital and other areas. will there be a patch for this game?


Those are indeed performance issues that had been adressed with the D1 patch. It is already available. Please make sure your Switch is connected to the wifi to download the patch. You can check if your game version is up to date in the game data. Version number should be 0.4.

Please let us know if you encounter the issue again further in the game.


The D1 performance patch is not up to par. The game runs at ~20fps with heavy stutters. Please update.

Advising to play strictly in handheld mode is not a valid recommendation.

I have version 0.4 and all the issues mentioned by Zapp8487 are still present. I tried the game on a Sandisk Ultra A1 sd card and on the internal memory, there is no difference between those two.