Vampyr - Switch version technical issues

I bought the Switch version and unfortunately there is some problem. The resolution is fine and in general the level of detail is acceptable, although it can be improved, especially with regards to NPCs that sometimes have too much neglected level of detail and faces that are incomprehensibly washed out and horrendous, it should be remedied. What really doesn't work is the frame rate which is granitic in closed environments but disastrous during the city's exploratory phases and in the main hospital. A corrective patch especially for this last point would be important to get it out very soon.


A D1 patch is already available to improve the performance. Please make sure your game is up to date, game version should be 0.4 (you can check your game version in the game data). Also please note that framerate is locked at a maximum 30FPS.

If you're very much sensitive to framerate hiccups, we recommand playing on handheld mode rather than docked mode, as it offers specific optimizations and a more adequate resolution for the screen size. It will not run higher than 30FPS however.

We hope you'll enjoy the game nevertheless.


Hi and thanks for responding. The dayone patch 0.4 is already installed but the problems mentioned above are still present. The game is locked at 30fps but they are extremely unstable, sometimes the fps drop to 20 or worse, both in the dock and in the portable, especially in larger city environments, in closed environments there is no problem. Among the other problems there is a general difficulty in loading the textures that in some situations are completely washed out or absent. The game is nice but it has these technical problems that cripple it in part, by virtue of my purchase I hope these problems will be solved.

same hear i really like action RPG games like this but the frame rate needs a patch for the game so it can run better let me know when there will be a update for the switch

I recently bought Vampyr for Switch and saddly can’t say I’m enjoying it, the framerate is too inestable. Also there’s a glitch in the audio, sometimes characters repeats some words during cutscenes, seems to happen when the CPU is stressed as you can notice big lag and stutter.

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Having the same problems. It’s a shame as the game is quite good but the technical problems are terrible. I too have the 0.4 patch installed. I even purchased a new U3 grade microSD card as I heard it might make performance better but it hasn’t. The frame rate is all over the place. The game feels unfinished on the Switch. I’m amazed you released it as you did. Especially at the high price you’re charging! Please patch this game, it’s the right thing to do.

Will there more patches for vampyr on switch ? If so when ?

@FCS_Mélodie will there be more patches for the switch release ?

I can’t believe how horrid this port is. How could they sell it like this? I bought this thing physically because I wanted to show support after hearing good things about the game. After further digging, I discover that their so called “patch” ONLY applies to the digital version and ONLY does any good in portable mode. What the hell is this? What is the point of spending 40€ and get completely ripped off by lazy devs? The performance for this thing is UNACCEPTABLE! Once Reed gets to the hospital , the entire thing CHUGS and lags like crazy!! It constantly tries to load in the area and freezes every few seconds. This persists in nearly every area all the way to the end of the game. Seeing as how most of the questions in this forum were ignored, nothing Will change and I will never buy a game from this publisher again.