Suspected Teleport foul bug!

Hi Coach , Tizzle Bizzell here

This suspected bug occurred on Xbox one. Essentially what happens is the fouling player was marked by a player with shadowing. The fouling player successfully rolls his dodge pathed with a foul at the end of this action, the shadowing player then succeeds his shadowing roll then occupies the space left vacant by the fouling player, then immediately and from about six spaces away the fouling player makes a foul from that spot.

Below is a link to my twitch channel "tb112087's video archive we're I have recorded a replay of this suspected bug, specifically it's a link directly to the bug video. The bug occurs just after 7 minutes and 20 seconds mark

I was just wondering if this is in fact a bug, I'm having trouble finding a known bug list so this may be a known bug but I am not sure.

Thank you Johnny I have determined this is the known bug with shadowing and fouling but left the post up as I'm curious if this on the LE fix list?

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Focus Team

Yep, it's currently fixed on our side

Thank you for the update 🙂 @Focus_Guillaume

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