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Oshkosh is no joke, from what I have seen. They may not look as rugged and indestructible as Slavic trucks, but they get their jobs done quite nicely. Also, there are other models which have the classic 8x8 formula:

Oshkosh MK48


Tell me that one doesn't look just as mean as many Slavic trucks.

Also, this rather new 8x8 formula, with on axle in the front and three in the back, isn't something the Russians don't know about:



Like you said, no flamewar intentions by my side either. I'm just trying to find the middle ground here. Last but not least, I think we can all agree the US Army will choose some pretty potent trucks to make their way through uncharted territories.

Sources for images:

Yeah, I knew about those (see this MudRunner mod).
Although personally, I think the traditional twin steer layout looks cooler. 🙂

In general, yes.
In case of this truck, I am not conviced: it is (looks) narrow and high 🙂
But again, fact that I don't like says nothing about how capable it really is

@8x8 Looks cooler, but is more practical in terms of steering as well.
Three axles keeps you in line quite a lot and you have just one to fight it. Twinsteer is better in that case. But three rear axles are better to spread a load of a trailer. It's always a trade off...

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someone say Tatra? ok, but how about something a little different then?

Tatra 815 TP in olive drab of course, no orange or yellow please. 😉
alt text

i mean u can change the color, so it doesnt really matter what its base color will be

@justinlynch3 i agree. I didn't mean float literally but I love this game I don't have the patience sometimes to go 2 miles an hour for 30 mins after I just got stuck and I'm pissed at the truck. But i would like there to be a little more grip in the mud with certain tire upgrades in snowrunner

Pretty much all American truck companies build a XD version of their trucks for extreme weight and non paved road conditions. The westernstar seen in aw is inaccurate. It's a mining truck not a mud truck. Of course it's going to struggle. But the Oshkosh. It was built for military off road use, most common use I've seen is hauling tanks through mud and waters that a tank can't get through. The osh is no joke and is a seriously beast of a truck that's been made to be Overkill in strength and off-road capability. Same with the military version of semis. They were designed to be in sand and mud and muck. A paved road is a reward for them then it's right back in the dirt and mud

I'll never understand why the people of South America abuse their trucks like they do. Overloading them to hell and back, putting them in positions that even a full on military machine would struggle in. I get sometimes it can't be avoided but come on. You did not need to load the whole forest on one truck, if it's all you got make multiple trips lol

@Jayson ur pissed at truck cause u got stuck? damn bro LOL

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@zamal yea it pisses me off when I get stuck on one of those stupid trees laying in the ground or bushes getting stuck under the scouts, man that pisses me off. Getting stuck in mud, no we got a winch

@Jayson but its not trucks fault its urs, there always is better route to take

@Sodoma correct, i should have been paying more attention, but was mainly thinking TP model. i will say though i do prefer the 813 over the 815 myself.

@zamal true, those of us on PC can just change the color, but much easier if it comes that way. sometimes it can be tedious editing when having to work around marker lights and things.

@8up-local I am not sure if there was that version of T815. Only I can think of is that custom airport tractor
...that obviously lack some affroad capabilities 😃
and you are right, despite T813 being older model, was (is) actually superior offroader to T815

EDIT: My bad, it exists! 🙂

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@8up-local the game it self will have option to change paintjob idk what you on about? doesnt matter ur on pc or console

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oh a Renault Kerax with Mack logo
the 4-axle Mack Granite looks very good
an International with Oshkosh TAC.4 axles

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alt text

I don't want to be THAT guy, but from the front I see plenty of mechanical thingies that I can't see as a good idea to push through the mud... 🤐

alt text

On the other hand, take this as it is and put it in the game and I'll be happy to use it 🙂

@Sodoma That last one is a Hayes, already a mod in the MR workshop.

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In general, yes.
In case of this truck, I am not conviced: it is (looks) narrow and high 🙂
But again, fact that I don't like says nothing about how capable it really is

Nah, the Oshkosh has a good wide base. You can't really judge it by the looks completely. The center of mass could be lower than it seems. Also, I don't see a big difference in ground clearance between this one and the Ural.

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