Got banned from champion ladder after my first 20 games ever...


As mentioned on the topic, I Got banned from champion ladder after my first 20 (more or less) games...ever. I just started the game few days ago.

I really didn't even know it was possible to get banned nor received a warning about it. My opponents didn't even warned me after conceding even if they noticed during the match I was new to the game.
I realized it was written something on main menu only AFTER getting banned.
There's so much information to read for a beginner to BloodBowl, I might have read this but didn't even understood what it was about when i logged for the first time ever to this game.

Well I'm saying all this to make it clear that I didn't even realize it was considered as a bad behaviour, I conceded because I knew i had lost the match. More over I was quite disgusted by player staying on marking lane forever, while killing all my team. I didn't even understand it was a tactic to waste turns and wound my players, because i'm a very beginner to this kind of game.

I rerolled a new team 4 or 5 times to get a decent start and for once I had a good one I get banned...

So I'm kindly asking to get unbanned please to moderators.

There should really be a warning of some sort for beginners that go right away on official champion league. If I knew I wouldn't have done it.

Best regards.

Coach name : VALYGAR.

Hello @VALYGAR .

Srry the admin is mostly on CCL discord. You can join here :

We fully understand that it is a lot of information for newcomers and the game can be frustrating, making us want to concede.

Next season will start wednesday the 11th at 6pm Paris time.

While waiting you still can play in Open League (3mn turns and free to concede).


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