Russian localization issue

Hi guys! First I want to say that "A Plague Tale" became one of the best adventure games I've ever seen. But why some elements of the game in Russian dialogs/interface is not translated?

For example - "Ignifer". It's not translated in the game. Such a moment looks strange and causes the players questions and indignation. The best word for it in Russian is "Поджигатель". It is good word and fits into the atmosphere of the game. I recommend translating as "Поджигатель" (or maybe "Воспламенитель", "Возжигатель"). But is should be translated.

Youtube Video – [19:21..]

Please do something with it. Thanks! 🙂

Also, some people in Youtube comments section said that "Ignifer" is a latin word and "latin terms are not translated". I'm not sure that they are not being translated. Maybe "Ignifer" means "Огниво" ("Flint")?

Just checked an English version. It's called "Ignifer" too. Looks like it's a feature, not a bug. 🙂

Youtube Video – [24:51..]

Hello @dwarf
Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing those translations with us!
It is indeed a choice made during translation. Thank you nevertheless: if you find typos or the overall translation lacking, please get in touch with me!
Happy new year 😃