Update removes purchased rewards?

Hey, after downloading the update today via Steam, I was wondering if there was a particular reason all of my in-game rewards have been removed, barring credits earned? I'm back to using scrub gear, so to speak.

Case in point, M90F pattern camoflage was my Level 39 reward. All gone now.


I have also lost ALL unlocked cosmetics, AND my beta tattoos were removed from the game. Did not get any credits back either. 0 credits, 0 unlocks. WTF??

I keep getting error messages when I try to buy stuff.
Tried to buy m90F vest, got a spinning circle followed 1 minute later by the message "there was a server error purchasing LIGHT BLUE DIAGONAL". WTF?

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This seems to happen with updates occasionally with this game.

Two solutions have been suggested in the past:

Hit the "Randomize" button in the customization screen and see if that resets it.

Delete the following files and relaunch the game: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Insurgency\Saved\SaveGames\Profile, then remove these files: Profile.sav/CosmeticPreset.json/Cosmetics.json

Both of these solutions are from the beta days, so I'm not sure how well or if they'll work with the current build.