pass block

in beta pass block on few occasions says path not able and not left me move at all not even a single space

Was the PB player able to get to a position from which he could intercept?

he could intercept OR put "thrower" or "catcher" in tackle zone 😉

this part is often forgotten but it's an important one.

and remember you have only 3 squares to move for the pass block.

yes 3 spaces thrower was literally right beside me 2 spaces dodge and 1 space from later games close to end of beta seemed to not work if my guy was in tackle zone for some reason but if not worked fine I dont understand the stuff but it diffinately not working how im used to it is all thats why i brought it up

another quiestion arent you supposed to be able to use leap for the move with pass block as well not sure only tryed once but just wondering?

yes you are able to use leap.
it's a tricky way to use it in my opinion but that's possible (at least in BB2 - not LE, I haven't tested it)

ya wouldnt let me use leap at all so i dunno lol

In order not to overcomplicate the contextual menus, Leap with Pass Block always requires you to move first and then Leap.

So if you want to Leap and then move into legit position for Pass Block or simply Leap into that position, you need to start with selecting the square that your player currently occupies (zero movement) and then perform the Leap itself.

But I have not been able to actually LEAP the 2 squares and THEN move the remaining quare. Is that intentional or a bug?

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