@Modders and Map designers : When are you guys releasing your work ?

Hey dear Modders and Map designers !
I am so curious about the new maps and mods which are going to be released by our talented modders and map designers.
The big question is when do we get all that new stuff ?

Did you guys already work with the public SDK of Unreal Engine ? Or wasn´t it possible yet without the necessary tools which you got from NWI now ?
They call it an alpha version but i really hope so much that it will be sufficient enough to produce new maps and sound effects.
When will the new maps will be integrated into the game ? And on which custom servers will they be ?
So many questions i know but i feel so excited !

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They call it "Closed Alpha" because it's not like you can just download it, You need to get through some signing up and hopefully they select you. I think it's that sort of stuff, We'll most likely be getting the level editor first, then other modding tools down the line.