December Community Update

@Sodoma idk about mushrooms, but the Chernobyl Flowers seem to like it. 😆

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@deathcoreboy1 said in December Community Update:

@Sodoma Nah. Thanks to softwares like "Substance Painter", this is no nonger necesary, Usually, these softwares have very good materials presets which serve as a starting point to start painting details on top of them. Now, of course you can go crazy and design your own from scratch, but it is very time consuming and totally unnecesary.

I often pick a material which provide a good starting point and then take some photos of real life stuff and use them to paint on top of it with my drawing tablet. If you are interested I can point you to some very good readings about it.

what brand and model of the drawing tablet do you use ? I have a XP-Pen Deco 03 tablet and it's great for painting in Substance Painter .