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We're not talking Sims level of customisation.
A simple choice of gender would be enough. 🙂

I don't know. The resources required for 54 drivers would still be pretty heavy!

You know what I meant. 😉

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I hope the turning speed isn't super slow like in mudrunner

@kingnightshadow Turning is already sharper than it is in real life on many of those vehicles, particularly the 255. We have this discussion on the ST forum and the conclusion was the "poor" turning radius of the ST version of the 255 is more or less realistic. It's a lot worse in ST than in MR.

@kingnightshadow. So you want it to be more like GTA 5 fake? Serious thou when you use a controller it would be fake to me to just watch the wheels go back a forth with the twitch of a stick aka not realistic. If that's what you want why not play something different this is simulator not an arcade game.

@Blazinit For me, the max turning speed should be the max turning speed a person can do it IRL. No less, no more.

besides that D truck, turning wheels has never been something that bothered me in MR

@zamal Same here. I like, even demand realism, but as far as steering radius goes I'm somewhat forgiving. The #1 thing that bugs me about MR is the excessive wheel spin, particularly on pavement. It's like all pavement is covered in ice.

I don't care if there are any arcade modes or options to simplify the game.

I'm only interested in realistic mode where everything should be as close to real life as possible.

@knight25 Yup. Not once have I played the casual mode in this game, except the few times I tried the challenges (too simple for me) where casual mode is forced on you. I kind of fail to see the point of casual / arcade modes in games that try to be simulators, though I understand some people like to play them that way, but I just don't get it. The way I look at it, either you're interested in experiencing something close to the real thing, in this case loading logs and delivering them through rough terrain, or you'll be playing some other much different game.

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@Unster hardcore also is the only way to enjoy this game for me, but even tho i think the same way as you do, i can understand how some people would enjoy driving trucks around carelessly, having fun and not worrying about weight of the cargo or the pressure in the tires, just relax and take in the views of beautiful alaska, michigan and taymir

@zamal Maybe, but I'd think those kind of people would more likely be playing something like Need for Speed.

@Unster but NFS aint about driving 8x8 and scouts in soviet russia, deforming terrain and delivering logs. this game has something interesting and when it attracts that casual fan u dont want them turning away cause they got bored on loading logs manually part, so u give them easy option

@zamal Yes I agree in concept. It would indeed be too much for many people to load every log manually (if there was no pack option). But in practice and regarding specifically MR, I think the differences between casual and hardcore modes are pretty minor. Even in hardcore you're loading at most 4 logs per truck or trailer.

I'm not saying the devs should get rid of the casual mode. After all every additional player is good for business. What I'd want is a true hardcore mode, where things like mud traction & driving behavior are 100% realistic.

@Unster id love even more hardcore mode in SR, cant disagree with that

I'd also enjoy greater levels of difficulty, or at least more complications. My brother, on the other hand, just wants to have fun and drive trucks around in the mud. He won't touch hardcore. He won't even deliver logs. But sometimes I watch him play, or he'll send me screenshots of his failed rescue catastrophes in the middle of the night, and I wonder if he might still get more enjoyment out of the game than I do. We're both in our 40's if that counts for anything.

@grubdumpling thats exactly what i was talking about, let every type of individual get enjoyment out of this

@Blazinit no, but the turning as it is in mudrunner makes using auto a pain, fast speed and slow turning is a wreck waiting to happen, it's unrealistic for hydrolic steering.

Also yes I know using a racing wheel I can turn faster, sometimes I don't want to uae my wheel or don't have time to get it out and set up, I just want a nice casual play in the mud before I have to leave for the day/night. Faster turning should be a option for those who want it.

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@Unster I prefer casual over hardcore when I'm not feeling like delivering logs and just want to play around with the trucks I the mud or try stupid things like loading trucks on the flat bed trailer and trying to make it across the bog without getting stuck, it ia possible but it's very very hard to do. I recommend you all try it some time

@kingnightshadow well speaking as a user of the key board controls i will fully admit the steering has always been very slow with KB control. it would be nice to get a touch more speed out the steering. not a lot, just one or two number settings is all it really needs for the steering i feel. so 100% agreed on having steering speed option, even if it is just a little bit of adjustment.