Problems spawning

Very often when I join a game, I don't spawn fast enough for some reason, and I sit in spectator mode for so long that I get kicked for being idle

It's extremely frustrating because I want to play and I end up just joining games and sitting watching and getting kicked again and again

Am I missing something obvious? How do I spawn in time to join the game?

Same problem is happening to me. I'd like to know if this is getting solved quickly.

Try my server. Spawn in when joining even if the game has already started. 5 second respawn time & 15 waves to start.

Also when I exit the game, it continues to run in the background and I have to go into task manager to close it

@uk186 welcome to the Unreal Engine. UT3 does the same thing. Some things never chnge.

Is there really no fix for this?

It makes me not want to play the game, it's so frustrating

So I've paid for a game I can barely play?

I have this issue too! Then I just wasted my money?

I get this too and the only thing you can do is join a different match. I think it has to do with packet loss or high latency as you are joining the match