Can i ask you a question, NWI? ;)

How do you work with your community? Do you listen to people at all? For example, I have expressed several times in various sources for contacting you about the addition of one very missing mechanics, and this is what will be discussed. Why can't you add a faction choice for the next match in co-op? You understand that NOBODY chooses INSURGENTS in the following scenario after the match? You have noticed so funny in one of the updates: “don’t worry, after the match you can choose another scenario;)” This is rare. I asked several times and didn’t get an answer. Very tired of your disregard for me and for the whole community.

They don't listen their community and they have not a clear direction, many changes since release and the base player is more low every day.

I don't think it's fair to say they don't listen to the community, based on one complaint. Especially one that they already addressed. NWI acknowledged that people generally preferred playing security for co-op but didn't want to split the playerbase too much by making them exclusive from one another. So they specifically added a preference that prioritizes security for the first match you queue into.

And I've definitely see a lot of people vote for Checkpoint Insurgents. I don't want to gate myself from half the game.

NWI: Publishes multiple long surveys for feedback from the community about all aspects of the game and radically alters the development road-map in response to the given feedback.

@dsmagain & @Alea: They disregard the whole community.

... Something here doesn't match up, and I don't think NWI is at fault.

@MAA_Bunny I see where you're going, but we haven't seen a community survey in some time, and also i didn't see the community managers answer to posts at all in some time.

And the roadmap altering and cancelling of things earlier announced (linux/mac port :(, weapons on back, foregrip types) over and over just means that they don't know their capabilities, if they've announced the game to be released later, instead of delaying it, we would maybe get a more finished and optimized game at release, not some years later. They have a publisher now, they can't delay a game release by a long time if they have a publisher, NWI should have thought about that

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@Demotic Maybe if Security wouldn't have access to Insurgent weapons and optics, people would choose the second faction more often, but if they have twice the everything, why would they choose insurgents which have only the half?