hello, been playing since alpha, i stopped for a couple months due to rl, came back and the game was running like shit. just got back on a month ago and haven’t stopped playing since. if developers see this, you guys have done extensive work, the maps have changed so much since alpha and i love the reorganizing of objectives and buildings. game runs well most of the time. haven’t seen too many bugs honestly, a few bodies clipping through thin walls but that’s minor. weapons shoot amazing, bullet registration is outstanding. i’m playing this game on a fucking 12 or 14 inch alienware laptop, so the issues i have are like, not being able to see people at distance, some spots being too dark. small lighting problems, but i believe u guys will clean up everything. keep doing great work, drop more maps, guns etc love the game love u guys. making a youtube channel for this game strictly when console releases. this game gonna shit on the competition.

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