Please add the following...

Can the RPK be added to the support gunner

New game mode IED hunt. Insurgents place X# of IEDs on points marked on map Security has to find IEDs and disarm them before they are detonated by remote or timer.

Game mode Escort mission. Escort truck to checkpoints. if truck is destroyed enemy gets respawn. if truck reaches point escorting forces get respawn. Escort forces get x amount of trucks. Enemy forces can place roadblocks or explosives.

+1 man! This game needs more modes.

Played Hardcore recently. It would be cool if the truck with the supply crate was drivable

Trucks are currently a 1 RPG shot in this game..

Awesome game. But PVE checkpoint mode can be more various. On certain maps there can be added random (sometimes spawned, sometimes not) element: Tank (M1 Abrams for Security and T-72 for Insurgents) or IFV (M2 Bradley for Security and BMP-1 for Insurgents) that players must support and protect on whole vehicle route through checkpoints. Also there is must be some threats and blocks for that vehicle, like destroyable barricades on roads and RPG ambushes.

@LaMejor trucks are big ass, slow, free targets for the opposing side to take down.
1 RPG is enough to turn it into a useless chunk of metal.

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