Controller Support Feedback & Ideas (PC & Consoles)


I have some feedback, suggestions and ideas for controller support. Since the console release is planned for spring next year (which is not far away at all), I think some of my points are crucial here. Good controller implementation is just a necessity to compete with the AAA titles. Ofcourse my feedback is based on current implementation on PC, since I have no idea of the current state of console development. So here it goes:

Honestly, I haven't had a good experience with the current implementation because of the following things:

  1. Stick deadzones are huge, this makes precise aiming pretty much impossible. A deadzone setting is really missing.
  2. Stick response curves feels unnatural. Providing (wider) stick response curve options instead of acceleration setting would be much better. I don't really know why games implement "acceleration over time", it's not good for muscle memory and it gives this "spin out" effect, no different than how it works for mice.
  3. No independent Y-axis sensitivity setting.
  4. Controller binds don't work/save in the bindings menu, it's not customizable at all.

This is why I decided to make my own Steam Config and it was quite a challenge to put every single feature on the controller as buttons are quite limited. But after putting quite some time in it, I think I made a perfect, all inclusive and intuitive config , especially for players coming from call of duty or battlefield. With this config I also tackled the issues above, it's emulated though, so the button icons don't appear ingame (they don't appear correctly anyway when changing these in steam).

So here is a link to the config, it's my personal dropbox space and for convenience I also included a photoshopped button layout and readme (crucial):

tinyurl dot com/sandstormcontroller

I really invite developers to test my config here, mainly for inspiration of button layouts.

Lastly, I also have a question, with the console release, will the pc controller support also be updated?


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Updated link, wasn't working. Hope this is allowed.

Two more suggestions for PC:

Maybe add 2 options in the settings menu:

  1. Enable/disable controller input (+ menu icons)
    this instead of the auto detect which introduces icon switching problems etc. This should be the easy and reliable fix to that problem.
  2. Vibration always on/off as separate setting (without the autodetect system) so it can still work with custom (kb/m emulated) steam controller configs.

Both should be off by default obviously so it doesn't hinder kb/m players (when still having a controller connected).

salve ho bisogno di aiuto per configurare perché io non o braco con il pc e l'inglese

salve avrei bisogno di aiuto nel configurare il mio controller, non sono bravo con il pc e nemmeno con l'inglese aiutami per favore


I have tested the new controller support in 1.6 and it's really good, huge improvement!

But I have a few questions,

  • Is it supposed to remove weapon sway completely? Even cod and battlefield have this, otherwise the focus button is also a bit pointless? And in my opinion should be in this game as it's supposed to be a challenging hardcore shooter, reducing it a bit for controllers seems fair though.

  • How to use the team radio and voice commands?

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They really just need to have options to customize dead zones, sensitivity, adjust acceleration, etc. so everyone can tweak their setting to their own liking. ....button mapping options would be a plus.


Everything you mentioned is already fixed, acceleration is replaced with a response curve setting which is so much better. Also the dead zone has been fixed to the minimum, non adjustable but don't see why that's needed, why would someone want a bigger deadzone? well, unless a stick is worn ofcourse.

Only button mapping missing yea, would be great.