My top 10 most wanted weapons for Sandstorm is:

  1. Double barrel shotgun for insurgient side
  2. Colt Anaconda (or similar) revolver for insurgient "commander" side
  3. Stechkin auto pistol
  4. SPAS-12 semi auto shot gun
  5. AWM Sniper rifle 338 lapua magnum for Spec Ops side
  6. Ingram Mac-10 or VZ 61 scorpion for insurgient sniper side
  7. H&K MK23 pistol for Spec Ops
  8. Steyr AUG assault rifle
  9. P90 Submachine Gun for Spec Ops.
  10. 5-7 pistol for Spec Ops
    because insurgients can take any weapon into battle that they can only find in their basement

And maybe disposable M72 Light Anti Tank Weapon (LAW) with M79 grenade launcher for demolition side.

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