Ghouls not applying negative dodge modifiers

I first noticed that something was up when a ghoul dodged away from my krox double-saurus cage with no difficulty whatsoever and noticed that despite that the dodge roll should have been 6+ ( agility 3, +1 for dodging, -3 enemy tackle zones, -1 prehensile tail) he only required a 3+.
I re-created the situation with a pair of slinks and managed to take a video of the occurrence and a picture of the roll results after the restart.

Youtube Video


Nothing wrong in the video.

There are no minuses on the dodge, as the ghoul is dodging out of the 3 TZs, and not into them, and prehensile tail only works if the Krox is standing.

Wait, dodge modifiers apply to the squares you're dodging INTO? How does that make sense?

Guess I'm gonna have to relook at how I position players then...

Thanks for pointing this out.

It makes perfect sense.

Try to dodge away from 3 people, nothing behind you? Cool you might get away from them if you're quick.

3 guys surrounding you as you try to get away? A heck of a lot harder.

There's a rulebook for this game, it might help to read it to understand the game more.