2020 - bug with running stil exists!

so im stuck in chapter I (i cant run after leave the castle). Now i can throw this game to trash.

My gamapad (ps4 pro) is ok, i checked this on dirt 4 (R2 normally go to 100% in options).

And this is one of the best game in 2019? WTF?!

Like here:
Youtube Video

video from 2019-05, this is a joke or what??

Sorry but im so frustrated right now

Ok, i do some tests. Problem is with gamepad from PS4 PRO. Gamepad from Slim works great. My PS4 PRO is CUH-7216b.

PS4 PRO + gamepad from PRO = can't running
PS4 SLIM + gamepad from PRO = cant' running

PS4 PRO + gamepad from SLIM = no problem
PS4 SLIM + gamepad from SLIM = no problem

My gamepad from PRO is 100% ok, i checked on Dirt 4 (normally show 100% in calibration options), also checked on InputMapper on PC, and on html5gamepad.com.

So problem is in Plague Tale

Full restart (delete game, and data game and install again) gives nothing.

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thanks for answer. this is my last game from focus