Issues with Objectives and Roles in coop

It's no secret that the coop, in spite of being a large part of the game has failed to improve in any tangible way. Bots can't defend and have many frustrating aspects, objectives are unsatisfying and don't scale with player numbers and a number of roles are pointless.

What has been added are "Hardcore" and "frenzy" modes that have failed to be any better in practice due to their artificial difficulty and being riddled with the same issues as the main checkpoint mode; such as the laser guided molotov artillery. They act as Checkpoint but with clunky artificial difficulty that drags the mode down.

Let's talk Objectives:-

  1. The objectives don't scale with player numbers. In practice this means that instead of getting more challenges, more players just dogpile into a single objective making the whole affair boring and meh.

  2. Cache objectives are too easy; incendiaries and the bots being unable to set up defenses makes them perfect for rushers.

  3. Bots can't defend; this means that the only thing even remotely challenging is the occasional defense objectives, which themselves just see players dogplied into a single objective.

There are also roles that are, in practice, useless.

The worst offenders here are:-

  1. Gunner: they essentially function as riflemen in practice; the ushing run and gun play, high recoil for MGs and lack of any sort of suppression mean that the Gunner is quite literally useless. He can't lay down suppressive fire, and any attempt to do so ends with him getting shot.

  2. Demolition: outside the grenade launcher, this role just functions as another Rifleman. His launcher gets maybe one use throughout the match, and when it comes to destroying caches, the incendiaries mean that he has no actual use there either. He has incredibly pricey tools that, in practice are useless because they have no real use that would justify them.


  1. Add more technicals to the modes; both on the defense and offense, the technicals are the only thing even remotely working like gunners for the bots. A single technical makes a world of difference to the difficulty of any point and actually gives the Demolitions something to do.

  2. Remove all incendiaries from the modes: nothing else has as negative an impact on every aspect of coop as incendiaries. In the hands of players they enable rushers who make the game worse for everyone else and in the hands of bots they act as laser guided artillery that just adds to player frustration.

  3. Make the modes scale with player numbers, add more objectives as more players join rather than just upping bot numbers so that there's more actual challenge and you don't have all players just dogpiling a single objective.

  4. Make the bots respond to suppressive fire, so that the Gunner isn't just dead weight and can actually do something instead of being a worse rifleman.

100% thumbs up, moreover, I would suggest removing the area restrictions and randomizing cache objective locations using the entire map or at least a vast part of it.