Feedback - Autobalance

Some suggestions, and things that have happened to me since new patch.

I am level 800, so have some hrs in-game.

-I've been switched up to 5 times in the same match. (Multiple matches)
-As commander, i got switched, and the mortars i had called whilst in my original team, gave me teamkills!

-I've been switched many times whilst being the only experienced gamer, other max lvl50 , and gone to teams with
multiple lvl 200+.

Please please please, fix autobalance.. F.ex don't switch on the last wave or O waves and balance also based on level / points maybe?

Go ahead and contact me if you need more info! 🙂

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The team balancing on the last to zero wave needs to be fixed asap, it is a joke, you can go from being on top of the leaderboard for your team and then you get swapped and you don't even get to spawn.

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Regarding auto balance, the teams need to be balanced better, look at the attached photo.20200118185509_1.jpg

Can we please get some sort of acknowledgement that the Devs or the mods are looking at these post and we are not wasting our time making these post.