LE Beta (probably in BB2 vanilla too): No -3MA for proned halfing after Throw Teammate

(Uploading 100%) 0_1502132986821_throw teammate bug.png

I threw a halfing with my treeman. Fling hit amazon and went prone, but he wasn't stunned or worse. After that he should spend 3MA for getting up, but he didn't. He could go 5 squares + 2GFI like he wasn't prone at all.

I heard that this bug was reported, maybe, somewhere, but here is my screenshot. Overlay is in Polish.

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I played halfling during all this beta (especially to test this because I reported it on previous ones :P) and I haven't faced it.

where you playing in public league, private league or amical game ?

edit : a screenshot I just took from a game I am currently playing


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Focus Team

Hello thanks for the report, known bug indeed.
It's fixed on our side.

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