A mature discussion about toxic racism - NWI, please weigh in.


We have had several threads in past about instances of toxic racism and related bullying in-game. You responded by setting clear community guidelines and allowing for vote-kick. It seemed to help for a while, but now instances like these are on the rise again and consistently found on the public servers.

A personal solution would be just to mute the offender. However, there are times when it's not just one person, but a group of 3-6 ppl who will start talking about "killing N****" and other such toxic BS. Attempts to engage politely by affirming that such talk has no place here often lead to increased toxic chatter, including purposeful teammate killing & shot blocking, toxic verbal assaulting, and vote-kicking people who object to a de facto openly racist banter on this platform. To be clear - I'm not speaking of questionable use of words by a young kid who doesn't know better. I'm talking about openly racist dialogues that encourage violence towards people of color.

I play another tactical shooter, Squad, quite often, and rarely run into any such behavior. I think one reason for this is that tactical shooters (like Sandstorm presents itself) attract a generally more mature audience. Another reason is that many of the Squad servers I play on have an explicit and immediate lifetime ban for any racist behavior. It's written out clearly and for everyone to see, and it is enforced.

The purpose of this post is to spark a conversation of what a mature approach to addressing this would be for a gaming company. I understand there are various competing factors to contend with from the company's perspective, but at some point you have to stand for your values and ask if you are doing everything you can to address this issue.

NWI, do you feel ready to make such a statement? What I would propose is this, state a clear company policy visible in-game on the public server load screens. If a complaint is submitted, and upon review of the video was deemed credible, the offending person would get a one-time warning and possible suspension if violation was considered severe. If they are complained about again, and verified, they get a lifetime ban.

I hope it is not the case, and yet expect there to be some vile responses to this thread. Similar to when such behavior is addressed in-game. What I am interested in are responses grounded in an understanding of the issues at hand and ideas of how it can be addressed beyond personally insulting the person who brought up the issue.


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If you record such behavior and send it to them, they will take action!
The difference with Squad is that the servers are run by clans, who rent the servers and have own in-game admins who enforce policies and rules.. But deffo record this kind of thing and send it to them! 🙂

@Aslan14 said in A mature discussion about toxic racism:

What I would propose is this, if a complaint is submitted, and upon review was deemed credible, the offending person would get a one-time warning. If they are complained about again, and verified, they get a lifetime ban.

I think this is more than reasonable providing NWI has the resources to pull it off. If they don't, they need to come up with some kind of solution. I'm generally not a fan of censorship, but some of the toxic shit I've heard on Sandstorm absolutely deserves to be censured.

first off im cringing at your wording "tOxIc" and telling NWI what to do lmao , use toggle mute if you dont wanna hear people talking shit, that has been part og gaming always, because youre butthurt doesnt mean others should be locked out a product they purchased , mute the person and move on with your life holy shit

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@Lenol03 You're response to someone calling openly racist or homophobic behavior "toxic" is to cringe, but your suggestion when someone says "killing N****" is to "mute the person and move on with your life holy shit."

Umm, yah, ok. Because that's reasonable /s


@MAA_Bunny has it right. Nonetheless, I would like to acknowledge the one good point you made. It is indeed redundant to call racism toxic. It's like calling water wet.

That said, every other point you raised was addressed in my initial post, including the difference between muting one player vs a server full of toxicists, and my expectation of receiving replies such as yours. What I am looking for is a mature discussion, interested?

@Lenol03 that would work in a game like COD and BF. ISS is team based game, everybody mute each other and its a guaranteed loss.

Agree with @MAA_Bunny on this one. Also I'm usually in favor of less censorship as a general rule, but more so in the political/government sphere. A private company has every right to censor an obnoxious minority in order to make their product more enjoyable for everyone else.

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Not sure I've seen this kind of thing. Then again, I'm not black.

Attempts to engage politely by affirming that such talk has no place here often lead to increased toxic chatter

I suppose this is to be expected.
If people tried blocking my shots I would just shoot them in the head 😕 at least then you can get kicked and find a new server. Forgot the devs made it impossible to teamkill after 1 teamkill.
Maybe try finding a group to play with, so you can kick anyone you don't want to play with.

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