Devs, please remove "random" in scenario choice!

Who agrees with me, that the random button should be removed?

I think so because:

- It is annoying to vote something and then get over voted by "random" votes!

If people want a random map and care so little about the scenario, then it should not be a problem for them to accept that other players choose;
Those who want to choose a scenario rarely get to do so, due to players going for random!

Can't it be random, in case the players are not able to reach a majority and votes are spread out over the possible scenarios?

It happens too often that the system chooses a map we just played maybe 1 or 2 matches previously.
This leads many having to leave the server and rejoin another one, in order to get a different / unplayed scenario.

Please fix it, it's starting to become an issue, at least for me.. Can't be bothered to play 2 / 3 scenarios again and again, even if i'm in a good team!

Hope you do something about it!

There were several threads about this topic on steam (from which i started 1). And the majority seems to be in favor of removing random.

I’m also in favor of this (hence i started a thread lol), but there was one reason mentioned that actually got me thinking. It’s that some ppl vote random to prevent repetitiveness and constant voting for the same most popular scenario’s. And I can indeed see that happen if the random option is gone.

Actually random would also be a nice option if it was completely random and not just the pool (just to undermine other ppl’s votes).

My second idea about the voting system was to remove the displayed voting count, powervoting is just annoying and it would be nicer and more fair if ppl vote on whatever they personally want.

And yes, there’s is no doubt repeating scenarios have to go, indeed happens alot!

I also dislike the current trend of always voting random, however, I don't think removing the random button altogether is the best solution. As @ImTimKlonker mentioned, it has its use for outvoting another map, whilst not dividing the countervotes amongst several different maps.

I think once the vote count for a certain map reaches an absolute majority, the timer goes to zero and the game picks that map, since it can't be outvoted anymore. This has led to people mass voting random, just to skip a 30 second timer. Skipping the timer once a map has an absolute majority makes sense, so i wouldn't remove that feature either.

In short, the game itself doesn't really have a problem. Some people voting random just have to realize that taking 30 seconds to pick an enjoyable map that you're going to be playing for the next 30 minutes might be worth your time.

@KingFormaggino I see the "random" vote more as a "I don't mind playing those maps except for this particular one". Then, a random choice makes sense. You can't decide what map you'd like to play next, but you know you'd rather avoid one in particular. Doesn't work 100% of the time, but whatever. Probabilities are good enough.

I can however totally understand a request such as yours, though. You still have a point.

You are spot on concerning the repetition of some scenarios. The voting system should only propose the ones that weren't played before. There already is a "replay" vote anyway.

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