I've got sort of a weird problem with BB2. The past few weeks when I hit Esc, it cycles through all the modes that Ctrl cycles through (grid lines on the field, players with names, players with all skills, defensive skills, offensive skills). On the 6th (or so) press, it'll actually do an Esc and skip a cinematic. Interestingly, during cinematics that show the field, I can see things like grid lines disappear and reappear while banging Esc to skip.

I don't know what's causing it, but I do know what's not causing it. I've checked Windows (10) and checked keyboard drivers, and checked keycode reporters, and everything I can think of. It's definitely BB2 where this is happening -- they key is reporting the correct keycode in all other applications.

So, is there a way Esc could have gotten remapped in the game? As far as I know there's not a lot of control mapping, but maybe there's an undocumented chord of keys that I've managed to hit that causes this. I've tried resetting all settings to default, tried different control schemes (BB1 and BB2). All to no avail.

And I know this is a weird one. Searched Google and Steam as thoroughly as I could and haven't found much in the way of anyone understanding how BB2 is configured.

Any technical ideas? Like I said, the key itself reports correctly in all other applications so I'm kind of stuck understanding what's going on in BB2.