Big Money TDM ltm

Big money is a great game mode. Very fun and fast paced. The only thing it needs is more score to win. 300 kills to win would give both teams more chance to earn just a little more supply to enjoy the game mode. Players that are not as good could use something other then only the Makarov and better players could REALLY show off with some tricked out guns. Many of the players I have shared a few games with have voiced the same opinion. They also think it should be a more permanent game made. I feel the same.

Antagonist ♥

I completely agree this should be a permanent game mode. I would love to play it at 300, 400, even 500 tickets. Wouldn't it be nice if we could vote for # of tickets and # starting points?

If we started with 1 pt, it could make for a more fun asymmetrical start. Many might take the browning, some might stick with makarov and armor, or makarov with extended ammo, etc.