Update on the game

I certainly can't wait to hear some news! I'm keeping the faith. I'm just hoping it has high levels of replayabilty and an epic custom campaign creator!

I had not checked-in for months and.... nothing seems to have happened. No news, no screen shots, no gameplay videos... Nothing. Just people keeping their faith or losing it. Well, I guess I can go back in hibernation for another few months. I'll check back in May or so.

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@Just_Click In the 2019 July issue of White Dwarf there is an
article about Necromunda UW and they said "Houses Goliath and Escher will be available upon release, with possibility of other gangs appearing later in the game's development."

If that ends up being the case, massively disappointing. Those two gangs don't even interest me much, Cawdor and Van saar are where it's at. And if it sells as bad as space hulk tactics we won't see any dlc or support post launch.

@Deckard_2049 Well after attempting to look up the article without paying for the rest of the magazine and failing, then trying to verify through other sites like Reddit... all I found went along the lines of "They had an article in the July issue of WD," which isn't very helpful.

With any luck the game will support mods in some capacity which might alleviate a lack of support post launch.

@Just_Click unfortunately it will be very unlikely to support mods. GW are very very strict on no mod capability in their games. There is not much chance that they're going to change that. They want to protect their intellectual property.

I believe ( And fully admit that I may be and probably am, wrong ) that in July 2019 they still planned to do an early access as they did with Mordheim. Since then, from what I understand, plans have changed and they plan to release Necromunda: Underhive Wars as a full release. I would hope ( Emphasis on the appropriate word ) that due to that, they will have at least the six House gangs in at launch with possible DLC including the Outlander gangs, maybe Corpse Grinder.

Admittedly this is mostly gut feeling rather than anything I can substantiate. At the end of the day, check in every few months, if nothing changes you lose five seconds of your time. I think they'd tell us if it was vaporware, so silence may be the best news.

@PlatypusErotica completely agree, I'm pretty sure we'll have more than the two gangs they previewed last year, I too am hoping for all six, but four at least. Plus I agree that the game is likely still being worked on, so no news is good news, it means they're working hard on making a great game.

Ok everyone, finally some great news of the main site. The main page no longer says coming in 2019, now it says coming soon, that way they do not need to change it again in 2021. The Dev team is thinking ahead 😆

Trollololololo lololo lololo

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Ok everyone, finally some great news of the main site. The main page no longer says coming in 2019, now it says coming soon, that way they do not need to change it again in 2021. The Dev team is thinking ahead 😆

Trollololololo lololo lololo

They changed that weeks ago.

I've just had a thought. I think we won't be seeing the game till 2021. This is due to the fact that games workshop are still releasing rules for the six main gangs. We've recently had the book of Chains and soon there will be a book about the escher gangs. I'm certain that there will be books for all the other gangs. Because the devs are building the game based on the new game as much as the old game, they might want to wait till all the books are done so that the game is a good as they can get it.

Guys, I've just spotted a Facebook post from Rogue Factor, they're asking for an AI designer to work on Necromunda. So they're definitely still working on it, good news.

This is what the dev's said on Discord:
[RF]FrankLast Tuesday at 5:36 AM
Hey everyone,
Nothing new to announce at this point except maybe that we are currently working remotely with the pandemic that's going on. Hence, we are still making good progress and we will indeed have a proper marketing campaign for Necromunda when we are ready.
Don't worry and rest assured that if anything major changes we will communicate it. We've simply been busy working on the game is all.
Thanks for your continued support and interest.
Stay safe.

@[RF]Frank Is there any sort of timeline in place for a media release? Q2, Q3 or Q4 2020?

Not at this point. As I said, we are working on the game and will share more when we are ready.
Admittedly, the covid 19 pandemic only makes things more uncertain. However that is true for everyone and basically everything by now.
We are lucky to be able to keep working remotely.
Bear with us. Thanks.

ouch that's a 2021+ release window

No worries guys, now that Corona hit the gaming industry as well they are all working hard to finish the game. Tele-work hours must be through the roof! (Focus please show us pictures of your hard working people 😉 some passed out guy at his home-pc or another just in his pj's and cans of coffee... just you know, something to give us hope in these dark and depressing days) 🙏

the wait and drought of info is rough on this one, really high hopes for the game. Heres hoping for really fun customization and progression of your gang as well as a fleshed out campaign / over-world with lots of character and meaningful events.

@Valnir19, I do not want to contradict or offend you, but it does not put it anymore, I think that they continue to develop it, but they lack communication with their community.
I have translated this with the translator, in case there are faults.

@Ciderbeard totally agree. I'd love to see the single player section looking and feeling full of life and vitality.

The player's needs are increasing day by day, so it is often necessary to update the versions, so you need to keep a stable internet connection to update the game versions.

Focus Home Interactive Apr 21 investor call. "This fiscal year will also see the release of three titles supported by strong GamesWorkshop licences: the 3rd-person tactical-RPG Necromunda: Underhive Wars (PS4 / Xbox One / PC - Rogue Factor), as well as two new titles from Streum On Studio (Space Hulk: Deathwing) and Gasket Games - these two unannounced games will be revealed in the coming months."
FYI: The fiscal year for 2020 is July 1 2020 to June 30 2021.

@djrdavidray Well that's really really good news, thanks for pointing this out.