First, I really think New Maps would be the first thing I think everyone could get around, I have some suggestions, and I really think they could go along ways. I suggest maps from War movie scenes this could include character designs for the said map, as some of them are from Vietnam era , or cold war, WWI / WWII era so Insurgence could change and look like Russian era soldiers/ German Soldiers. etc. just to mix things up some, I know this would be alot of work on the Devs, but changing up the characters would be a nice change of pace, as well as an option to buy/purchase more in game Camos and such , same would go for security, to include proper era costumes, for said maps. --- I would also like the option to change uniform before maps begin, as to better camouflage myself for the proper setting , if a map has a lot of green , I would hate to go into it in an all sand color, or an all snow levelca, I'd hate to be covered in black.

Another issue, I am really not liking is the Knife mechanic, its too slow, and only being able to attack once every 20 sec...w/ a knife is a bit ...ridiculous. I think 1 to 3 attacks w/ a knife then winded would be a better mechanic for the Knife action , sometimes its hard to gauge the distance. and if your able to get close enough w/ a knife, it should probably just be a kill.

Lastly and one of my biggest issues, is the lack of mixing up the teams. I have seen the same people on the same team , map after map after map, and many of the times, that team steam rolls the other. there really needs to be a way to average out the team win/loss or Kill/Ratio or even in game time, something so that the same players are not always on the same team map after map. sometimes Competition is fun , and sometimes the uphill struggle is interesting, but to get destroyed every map, gets old REAL quick

Map suggestions I have in mind would be

1 - the Battle of Ia Drang from WE WERE SOLDIERS

2 - Ramelle from SAVING PRIVATE RYAN

3 - The Scrap Town from SOLDIER

4 - The Bug Tunnels/ Over run bases in STORM SHIP TROOPERS

5 - Ruined Tractor Factory from ENEMY AT THE GATES

6 - The Ruined Town from - FULL METAL JACKET

7 - The Insurgence Town from BLACK HAWK DOWN

8 - The Torture town/Garage from THREE KINGS

These are just off the top of my head, but I think these would be REALLY fun if done correctly . If anyone has other map suggestions please feel free to add them on to a list lol. But these are just my thoughts and AGAIN I know this would be alot of work including getting correct Weaponry for correct eras if thats a route DEVS wish to take, but I think mixing things up and adding a bunch of new maps would be great and keep people interested.

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