Champions Cup 30 Qualification Criteria

Hi all,

We've decided to tinker with the qualification criteria for the Champs Cup 30. We'll stick with the 16 team tournament with qualifying tiers as previously, but we'll be removing one automatic T3 and one stunty qualifying spot and adding two additional wildcard spots.

Hopefully this will mean more experienced teams will make it to the cup, while giving more to chase at the top of the leaderboard.

You can see the qualifying tiers in the image below.

In addition to Cyans and the Fan Favorite skill, the winner of the Champions Cup will get a very cool set of real-world blocking dice, generously donated by our league admin LittleYoshi1979 (Postage included worldwide!).

If you qualify for the cup and you're not a member of our Facebook group then consider joining us there. It makes scheduling your match much easier: Blood Bowl 2 COL/CCL/AL

Finally, if you do qualify for the cup please play your game to completion, conceding in the cup really unbalances the tournament for everyone else. Do the decent thing, try to kill your opponent's favorite player at least.

See you on the pitch!



Hello. Good initiative. I make another proposition: During the first week of a champion ladder, a team cant play more than 2 match in a day. It will balance the forces between the players who play a lot from the start and those who cant.
Another proposition again: a player can have more than one team ranked:OK. So the proposition: the sum of matches of your ranked teams cant exceede 50 matches. It will avoid some players already qualified to create another team whose the only aim is to destroy the other teams.
And a final proposition: at the end of week 3, 4,5 and 6, inform on this forum which teams are qualified at this part of the ladder.

Have a good day.