This game has so many amazing little details that all the more popular shooters don't. But even still Insurgency: Sandstorm falls short in that area like: no Gutter Sights, Can't use Bayonet, can't change to a red dot on the Kobra sight, etc. Please implement these features so make this game as realistic as it can be! Why is the Bayonet on the SKS unusable!? We already have a button that controls the underbarrel attachments, "G" for things like the Grenade/Smoke launcher and lifting up the Bipod and Foregrip Bipod. Why can't we use this button on the SKS (without a Bipod on) to stick out its bayonet? It would be great to drastically increase melee damage on it for a one-hit kill. It wouldn't nearly be OP because first of all it's a Semiauto only and it deserves something like a Bayonet to make more people use it. Make it FUN! Ya know? Why put these things in your game only to leave them unusable? It could be done in two ways, either press "g" to take out and put away the Bayonet on an SKS with no Bipod attached, and then if you want a Bipod then you sacrifice the ability to use the Bayonet, this adds strategy. The other way is if you have a Bipod on then PRESS "G" to take out and put away bayonet, then HOLD "G" to take out/put away Bipod. Personally, I like needing to chose between Bayonet and Bipod. Also, Foregrip should make bayonet not usable permanently on the SKS.

And why no Bayonet on the Mosin Nagant? It seems like the perfect candidate because traditionally it had a Bayonet. But also traditionally it's bayonet is on the side and folds back to the side of the gun. This would make it easy to have both a Bayonet and a Bipod simultaneously, and use the Press G/Hold G method to fold them away. The Mosin deserves a Bayonet because it sucks at close range and a Bayonet would make up for that. So please put some of these features in the game, Bayonets and Gutter Sights would be awesome.