Kicked from server


Any game mode comes with this message.
Don't even want to get started with the "check internet speed , download that .dll , verify files integrity , restart steam 3 times, stand on your head for 15 minutes , and sacrifice a virgin goat ! "

Game worked fine until wel... it didn't


Thank you

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Silly question.....Did you try to reinstall the game? Maybe after uninstalling, delete the SS folder from Steam\CommonApps folder also.


Thank you for the input.
It started working again, didn't do anything

Have a nice evening !

And......its back.
I guess I should be grateful I got in the game for 10-20 seconds and then the same message as above.

ive been noticing that youre having a tough time with networking in this game, if im you, i would compile a list of my problems with this game and cross fingers they would contact me directly


Thank you for the concern but I feel that these are some general problems(hit reg, out of nowhere steam auth failed)
I don't feel singled out 🙂
I open up the forums every 2-3 days to check out what other people are struggling with perhaps some are solvable.

The've mentioned these problems and future plans in "state of the production Nr.5" so fingers crossed.

Again, the problem from above has stopped and I can play but... I don't want to jinx it 🙂