January Community Update

@1967KAISERJEEP Hey, welcome back! Yes I do remember you and I was sometimes wondering what had happened to you. Do you still play MR or ST?

@Unster I didn’t play it for a while, was on a kick with some other games but as of late I have been playing only mudrunner. Just looking for some more dedicated people to play with, because a lot of people seem to think the game is called “logrunner” meaning every game they deliver logs then leave. Like there’s a reason they gave you the option “resume playing”

I do all kinds of stuff in mudrunner. Like for example, if you take the f150 or Chevy Apache, use the crane to pick up a rock and put it in the bed, the rear bumper hits the floor and it pulls wheelies. Also if you go to a log station and load up a truck, then go over to the kiosk and load even more logs till they start respawning, it puts so much weight on the rear axles that you can take the c-256 through the center of the bog and not get stuck.

Then there is the tug of war glitch 😂😂

Then going full speed down a hill to cross the river on mount logmore, the possibilities are endless in a sandbox type game.

Also me and a few friends successfully uprooted a tree, that was fun but the game kinda wigged out, we all fell through the map.

Wish there was a “dump body attachment” for the trucks, then I could load all the rocks in a map

@1967KAISERJEEP dude the rubber band winch is the funniest shit ever😂 if u do it in the f150 u can get stuck at the top of the map

@Jayson yup you know what I’m talking about. Best part too is you can leave your truck in the ground or on top of the map and connect your winch with another truck. THEN it’s hilarious


oh, would u look at that

@Unster I’m on console lol.

Waiting for snowrunner to make my own trucks

@zamal yoooooo zamallll wassup

Yeah wanna make my deuce and a half

@1967KAISERJEEP EXACTLY BRO😂😂😂 I have a vid where I hung the ltl 9000 with the flatbed trailer and a dropped it and it bunny hopped like 30 feet 😂

@zamal no man. I used to be “1967Deuce” but lost my password and I hit reset password and it never sent me an email.

Missed you guys

Where is Stazco?

@Jayson 😂😂 the best.

Next time try this

LTL9000 with low boy trailer. Put a skidder on the 5th wheel, put 2 more trucks with full loads. On top of
Bison with low boy. On top of
Freightliner FLD with low boy. On top of
Western star with low boy. EPIC

@1967KAISERJEEP said in January Community Update:

Where is Stazco?

He pops in once in a while, not on a near daily basis like some of us.

Screenshot_20200203-142723.png I don't think I ever put this up here but me and my friend had this idea.... It was awesome 😂

@1967KAISERJEEP welcome back, deuce. Hop on the hype train.

@Unster said in January Community Update:> He pops in once in a while, not on a near daily basis like some of us.
Guilty 🙄

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@deathcoreboy1 Well, this forum sure makes the work day go by a little nicer, doesn't it?😜

@Unster To be honest, you guys are, apart form my GF, the people with whom I hang out the most. So, being able to spend my day at the office checking the forums and hanging out with you all is a real joy.

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