January Community Update

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@kingnightshadow I'm just want use difflock with all wheel drive,type of truck not matter.

They've shown all kinds of trucks. Some 2WD, some AWD without diff, some AWD with full time diff, some AWD with selectable diff.

I don't get the complaint, they haven't shown all useless trucks. If you haven't been paying attention to the vehicle presentations, that's your fault.

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alt text

Thanks so much for sharing this!! Looks great. Can't wait to play it myself and attempt my first map for it (2nd ever, 1st was a really small one in MudRunner)!

Is it me or the textures on the truck look kind of low resolution? Specially the snow decals.

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@deathcoreboy1 Looks fine to me. I don't think that's snow on the truck. I see some specularity and worn out paint or stains.

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@Unster Annotation 2020-01-31 135952.jpg

Check out these areas.

Reminds me of Beteshda games. They are all like "faded and washed out"

@deathcoreboy1 looks fine to me tbh, when u look from far away in gameplay dont think it will be that pronounced that its gonna bother u

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@Unster Went back through all vehicle presentations and found out that it's common among all vehicles. Textures are not sharp, specially in the snow. Probably due to the way they painted it. If they used a soft stencil, it creates this effect.

@deathcoreboy1 Yeah, that's what the surface of my real car looks like after some winter driving. It looks like salt / filth stains.

@zamal Yes, it's not a major issue. Overall the game looks amazing, but IDK if this will bother me or not when I have the game all maxed out in full screen. I'll have to wait and see.

@deathcoreboy1 if ur planing playing in 4k probably this will be upscaled as well, shouldnt be problem. this picture is basic 1080

@Unster I mean, look at the rocks to the side of the road. They look nice and sharp.

road especially looks great

@deathcoreboy1 On a second look, I think I see what you're complaining about. The low-resolution parts of the texture were kind of masked by the stains so they were not obvious to me, but I know MR has this problem with truck textures becoming low-res after some time. Hopefully it's not something that's carried over to SR.

@zamal Yes, I can spot normal maps on the road and bumped up specularity, which looks amazing.

@Unster Exactly. I had a closer look, and the whole picture looks faded to me. Like it was upscaled to the current resolution. Look at the saw effect in the cables.

Edit: Might be the result of image compression as well.

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This is what I mean by the snow details on the truck looking low res. I hope it makes sense now 😃 :

alt text

@deathcoreboy1 Yeah, mostly I see it on the undercarriage, but not really on the fender (that looks more like old paint or stains). Did you see the problem in the video presentation that was posted this week or some of the previous screenshots?

@Unster In some of them, yes. I'll come back with details once I do a proper investigation with the media we have so far. Will probably create a new thread for it.

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@deathcoreboy1 Yeah, that's what the surface of my real car looks like after some winter driving. It looks like salt / filth stains.

Same thing I was thinking. I don't see a issue.