Many of the ak platform magazine ammo counts are wrong and it is kind of annoying because if you run an ak with the extended mag its a supply point used but for only 5 rounds more so it really makes me not want to use it and slightly boner kills immersion when it seems like youre taking an extended mag into battle only to not fill the magazine all the way , yikes

First the AKM extended mag holds 35 in game when the real thing is 40

the akm drum holds 50 in game but the real thing is 75

the ak74/aks74u extended mag holds 35 in game real thing is 45

the ak74/aks74u drum mag isnt based on anything real /eastern block style so after the 45 round bakelite stick mag you would be using a present day polymer style rpk16 95 round drum mag

Also the Alpha AK is 5.45 caliber which you modeled the magazine to look like but you branded it with 7.62 markings so that needs a fix as well

I know its nit picking but if youre trying to simulate realism do it 100% , i know mUh BaLaNcInG but check out how tarkov has their weapon stats , accessories and capacities set

plz fix

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