I would love to analyse matches and do some cinematic video coverages through the replay tool, it is perfect for that. Thanks for creating it! But I am facing some struggling or bugs with the functionality.

First of all, usually the timeline does not have any functionality. If I click somewhere in the timeline, only the player that I am viewing changes, not the position of the timeline.

Then at certain point during the playback this error appears "Demo playback failed: ReplayStreamerInternal". Then playback stops and it throws me back to the main menu.

Sometimes if the timeline is working, I can skip over these errors. But after the newest update (1.5 Patch 3) timeline has never worked.

Here are two examples from great matches that I would like to watch again and do coverages, but the error appears at certain point and timeline is not working, so I cant even skip over those errors.

Error appears at 2:30

Error appears at 2:59

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