The following steps appear to be solid and can be reproduced every time on my system.

Chat Issue One, opening chat screen
Join or Host a game,
-From the lobby,
-or initial Map mission briefing screens (after map loading screen)

Hit "Y" to get chat window focus (The default key binding)
Type your message, hit "Enter" to send

Hitting "Y" again, will not return focus on chat and ending up unable to get focus on chat through keyboard input.

With a single mouse click anywhere in the screen, will result the next "Y" key press will bring up chat window again and in focus allowing for text input.

Chat Issue Two
Join or Host a game,
-From the lobby,
-or initial Map mission briefing screens (after map loading screen)

With the chat screen open and in focus, but with unsent text or empty, clicking anywhere will result focus on chat is lost.
Chat Windows will remain open and appears to be in focus, with the exception of a blinking input "pipe" symbol flashing.
Hitting "Y" Key binding will not result in restoring / resuming chat focus and the "Enter" key will not send any partial message

Click with mouse on the chat window input box, to regain chat focus.

Chat Issue Three, or the more accurate, the missing chat function.
Mission Debriefing Screen,

At this stage, the chat window doesn't function and that is a big down side.

There is a 60 second timer running, leaving some time to spare for social behavior, may it be good constructive, bad ranting or informative.
"Good game", "well played", "Lets try that again, but do this and that", "this run could have been better if not for..." and so on...
A Player Hosting the game can properly and politely inform his fellow battle brothers that he will be ending the host session, before ending the session.

Every time I'm brought back to the lobby with the message indicating my connection to the host has been lost, I've the burning question, was it me (my system / network connection) or did the host end the session.
This game already lacks some degree of opportunities to make use of chat, for during actual game play, one is more occupied operating a mouse or controller and firing a Bolter at Xenos, instead of typing a message.
Resulting players hardly ever use chat.

Any improvement to make the chat more fluent and friendly and less chat windows interaction interruption between loading stages I welcome with open arms 😉

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