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@Jayson could be place holder. The bottom line is, that no release date had confirmed. Until then, nobody really knows.

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@Jayson yeah I've seen that, what you just deleted, before. Gamestop and Amazon can not confirm a release date. I agree that your speculation is based on these things, but the question was, Is it confirmed. It has not been. Hopefully this week though.

@Jayson Hmm, "exhaust snorkel"? I think the people writing the Amazon description don't know what they're writing. It should be "intake snorkel". No one cares about exhaust snorkels.

@Jayson Yeah.....send a link though. Haven't seen these picks yet.

@deathcoreboy1 said in Visual Customization Blog:

Think about it. When was the las time that you went to a workshop to buy a new set of rims and the dealer said that you couldn't buy them because you do not have enough experience.

😄 Good point! I also don't see the logic of normal accessories being locked behind experience points. Now if the devs want to lock bigger trucks behind experience points, that might be OK, since IRL heavier vehicles may require a different type of driver license.

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well.... i found bigger banners LOL

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

Heavy Duty                                 Heavy                              Offroad                                 Scout
Caterpillar 745 C                          Pacific P 16                       International PayStar 5070              Chevrolet CK 1500


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The pic with the APC has snowflakes. And the deep snow looks awesome!

one thing that looks weird to me is waterfall in hummer screenshot, looks like frozen ice or glass, no flow of current


also i spotted Freightliner 114SD with red Crane, doesnt look like log crane, looks like something used for lifting boxes/barrels or cars? idk 😅


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That CAT is gonna be a workhorse in my fleet! Yes!

@zamal the animation of the waterfall I'm sure looks better in-game. I agree on assessment of the crane.

Jeez I send a couple pics and stuff and y'all find stuff I never would of noticed😂. And @Unster while EXHAUST SNORKELS😂 are funny, I highly doubt Amazon made those banners they are the same on other websites also. I think that the snowrunner art team probably made them. lol exhaust snorkels😂👌

The crane could be 4 the bridge building they reference 2 in other posts

I wonder what Caterpillar 745 C will be used for? carrying sand, gravel?

Well we finally got to a see a tractor. Good to know they are still in.