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@Dyx Thanks, there's some additional detail, though mostly stuff we've already seen. Not an old-PC-friendly website! (My old Linux box at work struggles with it.)

@Unster Check at those High Resolution screenshots of the vehicles!

@deathcoreboy1 I've looked at some, but my PC was choking. It'll have to wait until I get home. Feel free to post some pics here. 🙂

@Unster Here you go. Let me know if you can see these properly to post some more.



@deathcoreboy1 Yes, I see them perfectly. There were also some in-action screenshots with tires in mud that looked really nice. Maybe start a new thread though.

@Unster exhaust snorkels are mainly used to try to prevent water in the muffler due to the engine cutting out while the muffler is under water, if your muffler is in a stack like alignment then that's not useful cus if your in water that deep and not in a military vehicle or submersible, it's over lol

Will there be an option to get Metallic Paints, and also do we just get a set number of colors or a whole color spectrum palette in which we can make out own color.

You know someone mentioned license above. I think that's a good idea instead of experience.

Imagine starting the game with a casual license, limits you to pickup trucks and such. Amd then the game could of had a training school with various licenses. So to get your Hauler license to operate big rigs you'd have to complete the Hauler challenges, to get your operator license for tractors and heavy equipment you'd need to complete the operator challenges.

I guess it'd be kinda like Gran Turismo where you need different licenses for different vehicles.

That would of been a excellent way to go about it.

Well lets just this experience system don't turn into a GTA style grind fest.

@Unster the tuz 166 in the announcement trailer has a intake snorkel.

I hope we get trailer brakes I just realized

@kingnightshadow, thanks! Finally, we get to see the Russians in action. Beautiful!

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From their YouTube page
Youtube Video

Thanks so much!!! Love it so much! Especially the 3rd scene with the Kolob + semitrailer!!!
My guess for next week is Michigan, because that was the order previously, with updates. First Alaska, then Michigan, and then Taymir. Also really looking forward to tomorrow's new vehicle reveal! 😃

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Youtube Video

Jeez buddy, it's a dirt road not a highway. Slow the heck down. lol