SnowRunner Releases April 28 - Pre-order now!

@Jellyfoosh can I get snowrunner launch day on psn, or is it flat out only physical?

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@Jellyfoosh can I get snowrunner launch day on psn, or is it flat out only physical?

Hi, SnowRunner will be available on April 28 in the Playstation Store, no worries 🙂

im trying to pre order the game from the xbox store but it keeps telling me it cant reach my card is it not available to be pre ordered from the xbox store

I preordered the Game + Season Pass (Premium Edition) for PS4 today at a relativ small local store in Austria. They had no info about the Pre-Order Bonus Truck. Will there be a code for the Navistar included for everyone who preordered or is the Truck exclusive for some retailers and other won´t have it?


any time frame on UK psn availability and will the season pass be available. I'm thinking of preorder through Amazon UK as it seems only available there right now unless there's other UK stores that will have a premium version available like GAME, Smyths, simplygames or shopto soon. The Premium edition on Amazon UK seems to be an import going by artwork, rating system and wording. Any clarification if this will be different on release? Just worried about DLC redeem code, time frame and such.


Can someone please answer my previous question and tell me if the Pre Order Truck is retailer specific or not?

@bellerophon Its said clearly when you preorder premium (base game + season pass) you will get the truck as well cant you people read and use your head ? If you do not recieve the code for truck than contact Saber or your seller simple as that and btw theres like 5 topics regarding your question.

I asked, because the seller said they know nothing about a pre order bonus, if there would be one they should know about it and that it is probably retailer specific... Of course I did not read absolut everything which has been writen in this forum, I got here just for that question. No reason to be impolite.

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@Jellyfoosh Why Epic games? I think that its going to severely hurt your revenue from this game. When if ever do you think it will be on steam?!

So: Finally got the game today. Preorderd Premium Edition for PS4, but like I feared no code for Pre-Order Bonus Truck...

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@Jellyfoosh I preordered back in February but never received the navistar5000 I was just curious as to what I should do or something like that to get that...any help would be greatly appreciated