SnowRunner Releases April 28 - Pre-order now!

@deathcoreboy1 well of course, they are modding the game. would be something to see if companies actually started going after mod builders. however mod builders are not a part of the game company so they can get away with "fan art" that a game company would have to pay royalties for if they were to use it.

now some of these people on places like sketch up, turbo squid or the like i could see maybe vehicle manufactures going after, since they sometimes "sell" their work making a profit with out having to pay royalties or licensing.

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@zoglet Well, American truck simulator has licenced trucks and still, the moders do whatever they want 😉

By Focus? On console? With mod support? Don't throw your chicken out of the apartment window because you saw an eagle fly by. Different animal.

Either way, I'm not holding my breath. Since my first post some years back I never said it wasn't possible, I just gave reasons why I think it's highly unlikely. I've not yet seen a strong argument to the contrary, although I'd be as happy as any for a step in the right direction for console mod support. We'll know soon enough.

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@zoglet Mods are intended to be free and mod authors are just fans creating art. I don't think there is a legal argument against that.

@zoglet sorry to disagree but I think a mod for the game has same quality as fan art for a movie, imagine dc coming after u for drawing joker or batman and posting it on social media, they also said in discord that there will be community content based rewards and they seem to encourage ppl who make quality mods and rightfully so, they know its back bone of the franchise

However limiting mods availably on PC depending on console market is something that scares me, maybe they will allow only the types of mods/maps that are compatible with console version, so for example somebody made tracked vehicle but as we know from the past it crashes game occasionally and those mods had to be approved before going public on workshop.. That really is something im afraid of

Lets just hope for the best

But you look from your perspective and vested interest and not that of the brand owners, who have a lot more invested in it. Again, I’m not against it, totally the opposite, nothing would make me happier than a totally open modding capability. I just don’t see it happening. Anyway, this discussion is running for years and I don’t expect to change opinions. We’ll see soon enough. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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I've been looking into the repository and it's hard to find a real car brand there. Is there a reason behind it?

@deathcoreboy1 It's against their policy. There are real brands uploaded to the forum though.

OOVEE page is down. You got any info on that?

@deathcoreboy1 The server changed a few weeks ago. It's working fine.

I want to preoder at the moment and then is saw that i can choose to buy from Amazon.
Does this mean i don´t need the Epic Game launcher or anything from Epic?


@Eversman it will come with EGS code

Well I preordered the premium version on Xbox. First time I've ever preordered something and the most I've ever spent on a game. Let's hope my expectations are met.

On a side note I found it odd that the full game downloads when you preorder. Like I said I've never preordered before but from my understanding usually it's just a 100mb or so file that downloads and the full download is only available about a week before launch. This downloaded the whole ~6GB.

@Ktaco That's weird. I wouldn't expect the game files to be ready this early. And if you can't play the game yet, then what's the point of downloading something that will likely change before release?

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@Ktaco That's weird. I wouldn't expect the game files to be ready this early. And if you can't play the game yet, then what's the point of downloading something that will likely change before release?

Yup. Makes it seem like the game is finished and ready to play but just waiting for April 28th. I sure hope that's not the case and they are still tweaking things and adding/removing things based on community input.

@Ktaco I think they are. I guess this way when the game releases your download will be smaller, since most of the files probably won't change.

Soooo in this post, I see them say there will be 40 vehicles and go on to list the licensed brands.... Ford is listed.

Is this a mistake?

@UNEAR7H there is ford in the SnowRunner