Sort out the bloody AI already...

I have been playing this game for quite some time and I enjoy playing it, but what the fuck is wrong with the AI aimbotting? There's a big difference between a challenge and straight up bullshit.

In my previous session it happened to me 3 times in a single round. Just a pop and you're dead, without even a shot being fired before that. Somehow they're often headshots too, given that I can't take a single bullet in those instances.

It kinda ruins COOP for me and many others - as I have often seen people complain about it in the chat - and the game has been out for a while.

Hopefully it can be sorted a.s.a.p.

aimbotting , well they are bots who aim ...
jokes besides, the fact that we feel they are cheating is not good UX

They are working on the AI apparently.

A.I. Overhaul
For a long while, the co-op enthusiasts within our community have been hankering for some updates and changes geared towards the PvE side of gameplay. Your pleas have been heard. With our biggest update ever planned for later this year (codenamed “Nightfall”) we’ll need to implement and re-factor certain aspects of the AI to ensure they are able to behave intelligently within the context of this release. This includes improving the consistency of AI behavior for both day and night maps, better-supporting new and community-created Co-Op modes, and future modes that we release to the community. I know this is just a bread-crumb trail, but I still wanted to share it, even if it is a bit early, so that co-op players know that we’ve not forgotten about them!

Hopefully it'll be good

Just hope they keep the hardcore difficulty as is, coop round can be won with only a few deaths when taking risks, bots usually one shot me only when being exposed several seconds directly (that is at least as forgiving as in brutal ins14) / meeting a bot close up (for example around a corner, which is a good feature as they are too easy to exploit otherwise).

I think the game is bugging with line of sight, as I never have a problem killing enemies who don't immediately see me. But an enemy who has time to take a shot is going to be verrry accurate, so maybe the engine is thinking that the bots have a line of sight when they really don't.

@No_Way_Jose Possible, could also be that in many cases the bots have line of sight without the player noticing, then they get killed and feel cheated because they are not used to the difficulty. In ins14 a difference from easier difficulty and brutal difficulty was that the bots will shot you even when the player has not looked in their direction and therefore giving players with lower situational awareness a more difficult time.