Support for 5120X1440 32:9 is broken

TLDR: Have been playing on my AW3418DW 3440x1440 just fine for a long time, recently upgraded to the fantastic Samsung CRG9 5120x1440 and now fullscreen simply doesn't work.

If I select "5120x1440" and "Fullscreen" the game reloads in 3480x1080, NOT the selected resolution. However if I put it into "Borderless Windowed" I get the correct resolution, but all the performance and Gsync issues 😞


alt text

is this already fixed? any feedback?

I have more than 450h on this game, it´s the game that i play 99% of the time.
Willing to buy a new monitor 120/144hz and ready to go 32:9, this would be adeal breaker to me.

Is there a workarround? even if i need to put some time to fix it?

Not fixed.

I believe it is up to the devs to 'whitelist' 5120x1440. The engine supports it but it has to be enabled.

EDIT: This is coming from 5760x1080 which worked just fine except for the HUD being on the outside edges.

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