The Join friends through steam on PC is broke.

When using the steam hotkey in game to see friends online, I have never been able to use the join function. something pops up for a second and then nothing.

Thanks for reading 🕺

Hmmm, it works for me.

They need to have enabled "group" on their end by clicking the + symbol in the upper right corner. As far as I know if they haven't clicked on that or are not already in a group they are not joinable.

There has to be space in the lobby (max 8 players) and space in the server for you to join using the steam JOIN hotkey.

If there is space in the lobby (less than 8 players), but no slot in the server then you need to be invited by someone in the group, accept the invite and " press JOIN" the match.. You will then join a queue until there is a slot in the server where the group is playing.

Hope this helps 🙂