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Amazing thanks for the Post, i was worried a little that with the "new" engine the mud would not be quiet on par, but my doubts have gone after reading. I cant wait to see a Video about it in Action. Also i like that "at the top of the industry" aspiration, thats realy why i am here 😁

"At the top of the industry" sounds good, but what does it mean? I guess it means the most detailed offroad simulation, but will it be realistic and is that the aim? Or is the aim simply to be the most popular offroad simulation among gamers, which could mean other things. Many players like arcade-style games & physics, and I sure hope they are not the target audience. You'll also have people who think they want realism but they don't really know what it is, and they may start whining that the mud or snow is too difficult and Saber might respond by dumbing it down for everyone.

Which brings me to my next question. Will it actually be possible to get stuck in deeper mud or snow (without other obstacles present)? In MR that's not the case unless you tweak the mud friction. The stock mud settings are too easy. At the same time, pavement is too slippery.

so have they added or shown stuff like breaking parts? like driveshafts,axles ?

Looks like a lot of work went into terrain, hopefully this means pavement acts like pavement as well.

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But as long as it is very nice to see improvements on mud, I hope for next presentation being about improved drivetrain 😇

And the powertrain, I think sequential transmission is still better to have than just Auto and Full manual as I usually play on just around 3 gears in between as this is not a "high speed/highway-hauling" game that you usually jump/skip gears.

Will every vehicle have upgradable snorkels ant tires and lift kits???

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Different tire types have varying asphalt traction. Off-road wheels for example don't perform well on asphalt, and vice versa.

I wonder if vehicles are able to melt the snow with the warm exhaust or scratchting the ice with fast rotating wheels.

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@deathcoreboy1 @Unster @Ktaco

Different tire types have varying asphalt traction. Off-road wheels for example don't perform well on asphalt, and vice versa.

Well, I've never driven a car myself but, other than comfort for the driver and fuel consumption, I don't see how the offroad tires can perform badly on asphalt (in terms of friction).

Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong here.

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Thanks for the breakout session in mud and snow behaviour, but thoes the axels of the trucks now collide with the surface (mud, snow, rocks, branches?)

@Jellyfoosh What about the axels?

As far as I know, pure off-road tires are made of different rubber than road tires, which is why they on asphalt deteriorate quickly and, due to their construction meant for other surfaces, have poor grip.
When using offroad tires on asphalt, fast driving can be dangerous.

@knight25 aggressive mudding tires can be noisy when driving on asphalt at high speed, but unless you use some extreme, big foot tires, I don't see an issue.

Yes, they may wear off faster but that's not something we should care about in the game since it will not simulate tires wearing off.

@zamal lol I meant something like this:

![alt text](8dbc2f4c-0313-4329-9b15-0b4e70d2d19f-image.png image url)

But those look pretty dangerous at high speed as well 😃

Well, I didn't write anything about noise.
The tire wear system may be in some form in the game; we know for sure that the tires can be damaged.
However, the most important is the poor grip of off-road tires on asphalt and that's it.

@knight25 I don´t think that something like this can have poor grip on asphalt:


I've been reading about it and surely it seems like it has little to zero difference to regular road tires in terms of grip on asphalt.

@Jellyfoosh _какой прекрасный пост.Самый яркий из всех по Snowrunner! И описание подробное и отличные скрины.

Павел,всё не решался никак Вам написать своё письмо,но думаю ещё будет возможность)
Если не сложно и есть возможность ответить,то у меня есть пара вопросов,которые меня волнуют)

1.Будет ли бетатестирование,хотя бы закрытое для фанатов серии?
2.Был один нюанс на карте,когда перед гаражом была расположена топь,в которой тонули грузовики (карта Последствия в spintires).Очень хотелось бы избежать такой ситуации в snowrunner.
3.Фиксированное удаление камеры.В spintires она отдаляется намного больше,чем в mudrunner.Вариант в spintires использовать предпочтительнее.
4.Будут ли разные звуки гудков автомобилей,а не как в предыдущих частях?

Заранее ,спасибо за ответ.

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@deathcoreboy1 @Unster @Ktaco

Different tire types have varying asphalt traction. Off-road wheels for example don't perform well on asphalt, and vice versa.

Thanks for the response. While tire types certainly behave differently on asphalt and I appreciate that this detail was added, I hope it isn't too dramatic. No tires should act how they do in mudrunner on asphalt unless you are driving on ice. I have mud tires on my truck and besides a difference in noise and high speed handling they do very well on the road. Most trucks in mudrunner are not going to be capable of high speeds so the way the different tire types react on asphalt should be very minimal IMO.

In mud and snow tire types should definitely make a huge difference as it is in the real world.