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Show how dirt will look in multiplayer, mud synchronization

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Well, I've never driven a car myself but, other than comfort for the driver and fuel consumption, I don't see how the offroad tires can perform badly on asphalt (in terms of friction).

Well, apart from faster wear, you can see similar effect on mountain bike (if you have one).
Ride on high blocks of rubber is definitely louder, because there is not a continuous connection but "beating" a ground, but that is not so important. Those high knobs also bend under load. Acceleration, decelaration, steering.
As a result, vehicle is like "floating" rather than properly keeping track. Obviously, faster you go, stronger this effect is (new winter tires with still deep tread pattern have it too, especially when driver is lazy and ride them through a spring to summer 😉 )

But in terms of this game, they should have less traction on hard surfaces and higher fuel consumption.

Yes offroad tires would have less traction on asphalt than road tires, for example when cornering, but they wouldn't spin like they do in MR. I sure hope we won't see that in SR as well.

@deathcoreboy1 said in Terrain Physics Blog:

@knight25 I don´t think that something like this can have poor grip on asphalt:


I've been reading about it and surely it seems like it has little to zero difference to regular road tires in terms of grip on asphalt.

In the US a lot of people have tires like this on their pickup trucks and SUV's. They are louder and certainly not meant for racing, but poor traction is not what they have. They do wear faster than regular tires, since they are for offroad.

@Unster crazy spinning like it is in MR is unreasonable, but such difference should be there. Simply because there has to be some trade-off, no tires should be allmighty...

@Sodoma Agreed. I'm just not sure I like the sound of what @Jellyfoosh posted:
"Off-road wheels for example don't perform well on asphalt"

I hope he doesn't mean how tires perform on asphalt in MR, because those indeed performed poorly. Not only with the excessive spin, but also keeping a light truck on the road at higher speeds was unrealistically difficult (especially on those AW maps).

I think it may be realistic if in-game off-road tires will perform better or worse on asphalt, depending on their shape, size, tread pattern, pressure(?) and so on, just let it all be realistic, not to make game more/less difficult.

@Unster Like I said: MR behaviour is too poor, but "don't perform well on asphalt"" seems good to me...

@Sodoma @Unster All this asphalt traction thing demands a gameplay video 😃 And I mean a calmed one, not an edited, cut like every 2 secound promotional video.

@deathcoreboy1 Absolutely, that's what I'm most looking forward to, an actual gameplay video, not the promotional stuff with 2-second video clips.

@Unster Is it too much to expect that traction and weight behave to this level?

Youtube Video

@deathcoreboy1 It's not too much if you ask me. Even if the devs still use Havoc to do vehicle physics, I'm pretty sure it can be tweaked for more stability (Pavel or Zane once mentioned something about a limitation of Havoc vehicles at higher speeds). Even ST as I've mentioned before has better pavement traction than MR (it has other issues though), so there's definitely room for improvement.

The film shows how mud behaves when driving. It is clear that wet mud causes shiny tires covered with brown dirt are not dry. And I wonder why in mudrunner there was no forest dog in the mud with ruts already formed from mud. And the vehicle would have to keep track in the depressions previously formed on the road in the mud by other vehicles. And in the videos from. I can't see the Snowrunner by the snow road which lies after snow clearing the road through the snow plow. Maybe the creators will draw conclusions and correct the game towards greater realism yet .... 5.15 second https://youtu.be/y4EgaAIu-nw

@Unster i should have copied more for you to understand: "when it comes to terrain physics and its behaviour in relation to vehicles, our goal is to be at the top of the industry" here you go.😋

@Jerryy74 on its own, perhaps... But after one dive he should be covered with it entirely to almost uncleanable point...

The mud looks nice, but can you really put something on it? Isn't this just animation imitating moving in the mud? I didn't play it myself, I don't know, that's why I'm asking.

In addition, MX vs ATV Reflex had surprisingly good terrain deformation, to some extent.

@Sodoma Yeah it looks silly. The guy doesn't get dirty at all. The mud looks good at standstill, but I don't think it behaves dynamically enough. I don't see any flow, just instant holes from the character lying in it.

@Jerryy74 said in Terrain Physics Blog:

And I wonder why in mudrunner there was no forest dog in the mud with ruts already formed from mud. And the vehicle would have to keep track in the depressions previously formed on the road in the mud by other vehicles

What's a forest dog?🤔 In hardcore mode trucks do get pushed side to side by ruts in the road, but this effect is more prominent in ST where mud is deeper. But yes, the wet looking mud looks really nice in SR and it'll be a welcome addition.

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